Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas


1. Love this leopard coat! Classic. You’ll wear it and your daughters will probably too.
2. Pink cocktail coupes. I’ve looked forever for something that’s a right size. My hubs likes proper cocktails so these would do well!
3. Any mom would love any bath products. These are organic and come in a variety.
4. Mother-daughter necklaces, these are adorable.
5. Horsebit bracelet – another classic.
6. Cute flats for running around, these are actually by Ellen DeGeneres and spell love out in the front of the shoe.
7. Free People La Brea sweater comes in tons of colors and is super comfortable. Great throw on!
8. And roses. Lots and lots of roses.

Did you know how good your body is?

I apologize for not posting for awhile, work has been busy with several new clients. There are times when I love my job, I do. I love watching women transform from nothing-fits-me, my-mom-always-said-I-look-bad-in-skirts, I-am-not-that-attractive, I-am-too-fat to kind of getting closer to the mirror, twirling a bit and suppressing a smile because they know they look good. I love getting the emails after an event telling me how  beautiful they looked and how many compliments they got. How their husbands couldn’t keep their hands off of them. How their kids were surprised to see mommy in something other than Lululemon. The confidence, the joy in being a woman, the fun – I love all that. That’s the reason I do what I do.


Top: J Crew sweater (similar here), 7 For All Mankind skinny jeans (similar here), and New Balance for J Crew sneakers

Well, not these last 2 weeks. These weeks have sucked. Client nr 1 is very pretty with a firecracker personality. She is also petite and athletic with a muscular built. It was a nightmare to go shopping with her! I obviously know that petites are completely overlooked in fashion. The petites section at Nordstrom makes me want to cry. I was actually accosted by a 4 petite women asking me WHERE are they supposed to go to shop for decent clothes. UGH. SO many petite women and so many crappy options. We had such a hard time with client nr 1, I am still looking online that tops that work.



Client nr 2 (thank you, Momus, goddess of Irony) was 5’11, skinny with a pear shape. We found sweaters and dresses (Calvin Klein) but just failedfailedfailed at jackets and pants. There’s no tall women section. There’s plus size and actually had pretty cute options. But by God if you are short or tall, you are screwed. Many many hours of desperately looking for clothes, just clothes that fit!



I have never really thought, OMG, what an amazing body I have. Sure, there are times I think I look great, really great even. Not every day though. But having done this marathon shopping trips with clients 1&2, it dawned on me how easy my life is. Sure I need to tailor clothes here and there. But by and large I get to go to any store and buy clothes based on whether they look cute on me or not. And I never realized how unusual that is. Did you know how good your body is??? So I beg you, put aside all these preconceived notions of how fat/skinny/bad you look and just go wear whatever the heck makes you happy. Because before you know it, you’ll be 70 and you WILL look back at your current self and think DAMN I looked good, why didn’t I know it?



Easter decorations

I didn’t get to as much as I wanted to but the house looks pretty festive. I ran around this morning snapping quick photos as this post is so overdue, I am a bad blogger. And I haven’t gotten my glue gun out to finish off some outdoor decor. Sigh, sometimes there’s just not enough coffee in a day. Anyhuuu, excuse the poor photo quality.

Our front decorations are from Christmas Tree Shop. Love these bunny ears.


I made Easter trees buy buying some foam cones and hot gluing a sheet of moss and then bunch of eggs all over it! Buy 5 x as many eggs as you think you’ll need, I had to do several “emergency” trips to Michaels. There’s a barely visible Happy Easter garland underneath the mantel.



For the living room mantel I spread some green “grass” and topped it off with some random eggs I had and bought some large eggs to hang from the Two Wheat Candle Sconces. Pink rabbit concluded this display.


Dining room: I bought some pussy willow sprays from Michaels and arranged them around the chandelier arms and hung some more eggs.




Breakfast area: Melanie’s discarded butterfly decor found some use on windows.


Kitchen: how cute are those bunny tails? Love. Wondered around at Michaels and finally found these large pom-poms.


Trader Joe’s does a gingerbread house for pretty much every holiday. Kids loved it and royally messed up the counters with icing but it was good fun!





Happy Easter y’all! Just have fun with decor, kids will appreciate it. I think.



Hop to it! Easter is coming!

I love all holidays (well, I skip decorating for some of them) but Easter seems really special after this miserable winter that brought along so many colds and flus and stomach viruses. I am so ready for spring.

I admire Jennifer at Turtle Creek Lane who decorates for pretty much every holiday and goes all in every time. Like all all all in. I am sure she has a staff and a huge storage facility because all these things need to be stored somewhere when the holiday is over. She went with Peter the Rabbit theme and actually had a mural made for the backdrop. You can head over to her blog to read about it and see what she did with the rest of the house!


But practicality aside, I love the detail, the joy and the whimsy and, gosh, can you just imagine how fun this would be for kids. Hubs announced that hell, no, there’s no way you are doing this here but little does he realize that all of this will slowly creep in. And he did find the bunny tails on counter chairs amusing. 🙂

I think holidays should feel special and have some continuity year after year whether in recipes or decor or traditions, so that whenever life gets difficult and something unfortunate or sad happens, you and your loved ones can take comfort in the holidays and your family traditions, bond over old memories and make new ones. That sense of belonging will make you realize what truly matters in this life – our family and our friends. And holidays are a wonderful time to experience that.

Our Easter traditions are pretty similar to most, we always have a big breakfast in the morning in the living room while girls check (read: tear open) their easter baskets. Of course, we will dye some eggs.


We’ll have Easter dinner with friends and family, which is preceded by the easter egg hunt for little ones in our back yard. Girls have their own monogrammed Easter baskets from Pottery Barn and you can read about Easter outfits here. There’s always ham, potato galette, roasted carrots and asparagus, some green salad and a prosecco based Italian cocktail called Sgroppino. There’s always laughter, too much candy for the kids and some delicious treat for the adults as well. Let me know what your Easter traditions are!

12 of the Most Interesting Easter Traditions from Around the World


Love these ideas! Esp the one about leaving jelly beans as bunny poop in the toilet. 🙂 Or leaving carrots and water out for the easter bunny the night before. So cute!

Post on how I decorated our house is coming soon! Can’t wait to show you!